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[S2E2] Dogs To A Gunfight


[S2E2] Dogs To A Gunfight

Police personnel across the Bay Area all wear blue uniforms, with some wearing short or long sleeve uniforms and a simple teardrop-shape patch on both shoulders with the word "POLICE". Like their real-life counterparts in both agencies, officers will wear a seven-pointed star badge, along with a shoulder radio and a body-cam. However, Enforcers, Elites, and, curiously, female police officers, do not wear any of these. Some police officers wear earpieces for communication. When the situation requires it, officers may wear external vests or wield heavier weapons, becoming more effective and protected during a fight. Police dogs are equipped with body armor with patches reading "POLICE K-9" on them to protect themselves from gunfire and stabbings. Most officers, especially in squad cars are armed with Handguns, nightsticks and hand-held tasers. Passenger officers are usually armed with a shotgun as well. SFPD and OPD SWAT units wear black uniforms with heavy body armor. Elite SWAT Units wear tougher armor and are usually armed with Goblins, on the other hand, a SWAT Enforcer boasts much tougher armor, seemingly modeled after EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) gear, and are usually armed with ATSG-12 automatic shotguns or the U100 LMG. An Elite SWAT unit will always takeover as marksman on Police Helicopters armed with SVDs.

While the police will react if Marcus does certain crimes such as wielding firearms in the street, run over a civilian, steals a car and a lot more, other NPCs are not excluded to such crimes. The police will also attempt to arrest other NPCs or even gangsters (By either framing them up or gangsters themselves breaking the law), this way it provides the player more ground support as well as a distraction for the player to continue his mission safely long as he does not get involved. However, gangsters often turn resisting arrest into a gunfight and police officers are usually short-lived.

San Francisco and Oakland police forces employ police dogs as well as female police officers. Female and male police officers have no behavioral differences. Police boats also make an appearance and give chase to the player if they are on the sea, bay, or close to the sea. Police officers will also wear external kevlars at two or later heat levels, making themselves more armored and a bit difficult to be killed, especially SWAT units.

San Francisco and Oakland police forces employ police dogs to patrol in the streets as well as assist their human partner. Police dogs are very useful for the agencies as they can spot the player very quickly in search mode from long distance, making escape on foot difficult. However, they usually spawn at mid or late heat levels and are not much of a nuisance in car chases. They cause moderate damage to the player, killing the player after lunging at them twice. The police dog will lunge at Marcus once, to catch him off guard and possibly push him out of cover, then immediately after a second time to finish him off. 781b155fdc


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