About Us

Since 2015 Art for Mental Health has been raising awareness and reducing stigma towards the illness. They do this by holding art events and creating a supportive community that allows people to safely express themselves, reducing stigma towards the illness.

Art for Mental Health was created by Randy - Joe Sidawi when he was struggling in school and found there was a lack of community and help for mental health. Seeing an opportunity to create this much needed community in Ottawa. The event was to be held on parliament hill to provide a space for painting and art in honour of those suffering from mental health conditions. In 2015 he started the program with 650 people attending, this number increased annually due to the great need for community in a stigma free environment.


Our Mission

Our main goal is to raise awareness of mental health, and the importance of art as a treatment. Because mental illness affects everyone, we seek to provide support for families, individuals and those affected to build better and healthier communities.


Our Vision

Art for Mental Health seeks to provide a safe space and raise awareness about mental health in order to reduce stigma and improve community.

Art for Mental Health is part of a movement to maintain well being by allowing people to express themselves openly in an accepting space.

Meet The Team

Carina Karamoun

Communications Director and Volunteer Organizer

Randy Sidaoui
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Executive Director

Ann Herard

Community Engagement Projects Manager

Michel Antoun
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Marketing and Public Relations

Jessica Khalil
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Art Show Organizer

Tifanny Cheng

Logistics Manager

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Art for Mental Health

Our goal is to create events and campaigns to raise awareness for mental health. 


Phone: (613) 663-5005

Address : 78 George Street, Ottawa ON, K1N 0A8

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