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The Love Merchant


The Love Merchant

Love in The Merchant of Venice is not quite all you need. Sure, there's love between family members, between friends, and, of course, between lovers. But love is more notable for its absence than its presence in the play. The Beatles would be less than pleased.

Love often goes hand in hand with betrayal. Bassanio says he "loves" Portia... but he courts her for her money. At times, the same seems true of Lorenzo's interest in Jessica. Women seem happy to give love, but they do so with a bit of cynicism. Antonio clearly loves Bassanio (whether romantically or not), but he ultimately must subordinate this love to Portia's more formal marriage with him. Love is regulated, sacrificed, betrayed, and generally built on rocky foundations in the play.

Portia does not love Bassanio. We know, based on her of citing the Hercules myth, that Portia knows he is using her to get to her money. Because she's a practical woman, she's convinced herself to care for him anyway. She's making the best of a bad situation, which is why she's willing and interested in asserting her power over him at the end of the play.

Even though he is too gruff to express it, Shylock truly loves his daughter Jessica. When she deserts him, leaving him entirely alone in the world, he is transformed from a mildly grumpy man into an actively malicious one.

Maya Angelou overcame many obstacles and achieved much in her life. Varied as they were, her accomplishments seemed to have the same effect on her audience. Whether it was through the book, screen, or stage, Angelou was consistently able to make her audience feel. It's clear that she was exceptionally in tune with the emotions of others, as well as her own. This happens to be a trademark trait of the Merchant. A Merchant's core value is love, and above all they value relationships and connections with others. Merchants such as Angelou tend to be the leaders and icons in culture and the arts. They are uniquely able to inspire hope and courage in others, and they see endless opportunities and possibilities.

Angelou's thoughts on love were that of a textbook Merchant. She believed that "love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope." Love and hope: two things Merchants endlessly strive to find in themselves and to make others feel.

Biker Click procures lovely willing young women for decadent millionaire playboy Kendall Harvey III. Kendall sets his sights on Peggy Johns as his next conquest, but the married and straight-laced Peggy turns down his proposal. However, after her husband's advertising business finds itself in a financial slump, Kendall offers to help out but only if Peggy agrees to be his intimate companion for two days.

I don't recall which "merchant" I purchased this dvd from but it was money well spent! What a cast of characters we have in "The Love Merchant" highlighted by a brilliant performance by Judson Todd as the detestable smug rich prick Harvey Kendall III. This guy is so arrogant that he won't even look at you when he's talking to you. He instead unnervingly looks off into the side with with a smirk and a cocked eyebrow. He has a face and a way of speaking that makes you instantly want to knock him into next week!Full of sleazy characters, high hair, skin, sex and go-go dancing girls (MIke Vraney favourite June Roberts being one of them) this is a very entertaining Joe Sarno movie.

Another love story is the love of Lorenzo and Jessica, where, again, her father is the block to love. He does not let his daughter marry a Christian. They also manage to overcome the block, even though they make sacrifices to do so. They run away and manage to be together by the end of the play.

The friends to lovers tool is another tool for analyzing comedy: is there a shift from sisterly/brotherly bonds to a heterosexual marriage resolution Portia is as close as a sister to her waiting-woman, Nerissa, but when they choose to marry, they give up the sisterly bond for a male husband.

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Sonja Haraldsen was born on 4 July 1937 at the Red Cross Clinic in Oslo. Her parents were Karl Haraldsen, a clothing merchant, and Dagny Ulrichsen. She had three siblings Haakon, Gry, and Karl. Sonja would end up receiving a diploma in dressmaking and tailoring, as well as a degree from the finishing school, École Professionnelle des Jeunes Filles in Switzerland. She then attended the University of Oslo receiving a degree in French, English, and Art History.

The marriage of Harald and Sonja has been one of much happiness and sincere love for one another. They celebrated 25 years on the throne in January 2016, and both celebrated their 80th birthdays in 2017 with a tour around Norway.

In addition, the commitment of love through marriage is highly valued by Portia in particular, who is one of the few characters in the play that values love without any superficial motivations, such as social status or wealth. While many value love because of the physical and emotional connection one can form with another human being, characters such as Bassanio and Shylock prioritize material goods rather than their companion. The matter of love is perplexing in The Merchant of Venice due to the lack of consistency of actions to demonstrate true love among the characters in the play.

for in companions / That do converse and waste the time together, / Whose souls do bear an equal yoke of love, / There must needs be a like proportion / Of lineaments, of manners, and of spirit; / Which makes me think that this Antonio, / Being the bosom lover of my lord, / Must needs be like my lord (3.4.11-18).

Norma was born to Don and Leona (Irwin) Stewart in Sioux City, IA on October 8, 1938. She married the love of her life Eugene Donald Merchant on October 16, 1956 in Elk Point, SD. They were happily married for 56 wonderful years until his passing. They moved to Elk Point from Sioux City in 1964. Norma worked at Kresges Dimestore, JC Penneys, Swifts Packing Plant, Zenith Radio Corp., in Sioux City, IA and at Load King Trailer in Elk Point, SD from 1975 to Dec. 2001 when she retired.

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