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If you're into the world of podcasts like me, you know how important a recognizable and stylish icon is for your project. I'm happy to share my secret with you: I use Depostifoto to find the perfect graphic solutions!

Finding the perfect podcast icon is a whole art, but with Depostifoto it becomes surprisingly easy. Hundreds of thousands of photos, illustrations and vector images are available in just a few clicks. A huge selection of styles, colors, and themes help you express the uniqueness of your content.

I've personally found some awesome icons there that perfectly reflect the vibe of my podcast. And what's cool is that all images on Depostifoto are available at reasonable prices and licenses allow you to use them without restrictions.

Don't waste your time on a long search! Check out the Depostifoto website, get inspired and create a unique look for your podcast!

Aya Ch
Aya Ch
Feb 16

Yes, that's right! Sometimes even without words, an image can convey the idea of a brand or product emotionally. For example, I always remember brands by their unique visual styles.



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