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Cheers - Season 4

Currently, the fourth season is available on DVD with four discs in the set. On February 1, 2005, the whole season was released to Region 1 DVD with four disc in the set. Unlike DVD releases of earlier seasons, the set lacks special features, like interviews and outtakes.

Cheers - Season 4


Here are my picks for the ten best episodes of Season Four. (They are in AIRING ORDER.) Every episode this season is directed by James Burrows, except one (which has indeed been highlighted and noted below).

While I like many of the episodes you feature, I think season four is actually my least favorite with Diane. It seemed like their was a real struggle to come up with new ideas, especially in the first half of the season. It sounds like you may have felt similarly?

One of the worst things about American sitcoms in the '80s and '90s was networks not knowing when to pull the plug. By season 10, it was clear "Cheers" had told every joke worth telling and tapped into every storyline the bar had to offer.

Season 9 includes some fun moments, like Woody's misguided endorsement of Veggie-Boy and little Frederick Crane's first word. One of my favorite eventual tie-ins from "Frasier" also happens in this season when Frasier says that both his parents are dead. Of course, we eventually meet Martin Crane in Seattle and it isn't until Sam makes a guest appearance in "Frasier" when this discrepancy is resolved.

"Cheers" continued to adapt to a new cast and story dynamic in season 7 and for the only time in the show's run, decided to go fully episodic without an over-arching story to tie the season together. That being said, there are some real fantastic moments that show off the show's clever writing and smashing ensemble.

This season's Bar Wars is a personal favorite with Sam and Woody acting in cahoots to win a Bloody Mary contest against Gary's Olde Towne Tavern. Sam teaches Lilith how to drive in a sub-plot of "How to Win Friends and Electrocute People" that is chaotically hilarious and proves Bebe Neuwirth's weight in gold as a comedic force. Rebecca's backstory is built up a bit more with the introduction of her sister, Susan, whom she teams up to get one back on Sam for his Lothario ways in "Sisterly Love."

After two languid seasons, season 8 sees a return to form for "Cheers." The writing sharpened up, the plotlines were compelling and fun, and every actor came to play. Kirstie Alley, in particular, really came into her own as Rebecca in season 8, resulting in a Golden Globe Award win, and Bebe Neuwirth and Ted Danson both received Emmys for their performances, as well.

The effect Long's leaving had on "Cheers" and her importance to the show truly cannot be overstated. "We've always said that we're not sure 'Cheers' would have lasted through the first season if it hadn't been for her," Les Charles, "Cheers" writer and producer, told The Hollywood Reporter. "While some of the other members of the cast were still feeling their way along, Shelley came in at full blast with energy and sparkle. She was hilarious, loveable and the dynamic of the show."