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Broadcomreader A Powerful Tool to Unlock Broadcom Phones

Broadcomreader A Powerful Tool to Unlock Broadcom Phones

If you are looking for a software that can unlock and repair Alcatel, ZTE, Vodafone and other mobile phones based on Broadcom platform, you may want to check out Broadcomreader This is a module of FuriousGold, the world famous unlocking software that has been helping professionals unlock millions of devices since 2004.



In this article, we will explain what Broadcomreader can do, how to use it and where to get it.

What is Broadcomreader

Broadcomreader is a module of FuriousGold that can perform the following features on Broadcom phones:

  • Direct Unlock: Remove the network lock from your phone and use it with any SIM card.

  • Read Unlock Codes: Read the original unlock codes from your phone and enter them manually.

  • Repair IMEI: Fix the IMEI number of your phone if it is corrupted or blacklisted.