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Be Your Own Windkeeper Read Online

Oh, God! I mean, it's just so... Isn't it? This is like reading about my own life! This book could have been called Be Your Own Wind Keeper, Rachel! It wouldn't have sold a million copies... ...but it would've made a nice gift for you. Sweetie, we've got to go. No! Why do we always have to do everything according to your timetable? Actually, it's the movie theater that has the timetable. It's so you don't miss the beginning. This isn't about the movie theater. This is about you stealing my wind. You go, girl! I can't pull that off, can I? Excuse me, your wind? Yes, my wind. How do you expect me to grow if you won't let me blow? You know I don't... ...have a problem with that. I just really need to be with myself right now. I'm sorry. You're right. I don't have to apologize. Sorry. Damn it! - What is it? - I don't know. It's got all this stuff about wind and trees... ...and some sacred pool. I don't really get it. But she's pretty upset about it. This is why I don't date women who read. What's that? It's my VISA bill. Envelope one of two. - That can't be good. - Open it, open it. Oh, my God! Look at this! How did I spend so much money? That's just the minimum amount. That's your total. Thirty-five hundred dollars at "Porcelain Safari"? My animals. The guy said they suited me. He spoke with an accent. I was confused. I don't know what to do! You can start by driving a cab on Another World. - What? - That audition? That's a two-line part! Joey, you owe $1100 at "I Love Lucite." - So what? - So suck it up, man. It's a job. It's money. I don't need you getting judgmental and condescending and pedantic. Toilet paper? I'm not being any of those things. I'm being realistic. You're supposed to be my friend! I am your friend. Then tell me things like, "You'll be fine." And "Something big's gonna come along. I know it!" But I don't know it. What I do know is you owe $2300 at "Isn't It Chromantic?" I'm aware of what I owe. Then get some sense. It took you 10 years to get that job. - How long till you get another? - I don't want to hear this! I'm just saying... Well, don't "just say"! Maybe I should just go. I'll see you later. Just think about it. I don't need to think about it! I was Dr. Drake Ramoray! That was huge! Big things are gonna happen! You'll see! Ross! You still there? What are you still doing here? Just some basic dehydrating of fruits and vegetables. Man alive, this thing's fantastic! Aren't you forgetting anything? Oh, yeah. I got us a new goldfish. He's feistier than the last one. Maybe because the last one was made by Pepperidge Farm.

be your own windkeeper read online

This book has surely shaped behavioral psychology the way we know it today, as it reads like an instruction manual on how you can be more liked by others, get them to do favors for you and even change their behavior under your influence.

If you want to go one step further, you can do what Teddy Roosevelt did, and even prepare yourself before you meet someone by researching them online and trying to pick 2-3 of their favorite topics, which you can then address and get them to talk about. 076b4e4f54


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