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Grand Seiko Hi-Beat " Genbi Valley" SLGH021. Nature on your wrist.


The new Grand Seiko Hi-Beat “Genbi Valley” SLGH021 is really a watch that depicts the actual mysterious scenery of the Genbi Valley in the middle stream from the Iwai River in Iwate Prefecture, where Grand Seiko mechanical AAA quality replica watches are made. The dial of the watch adopts a new cast pattern and a light eco-friendly tone, showing the regal and mysterious scenery associated with Xuanmei Valley. This new view uses a 40mm Grand Seiko Ever-Brilliant stainless steel case, and also the exquisite dial echoes the best thing about nature with its multi-dimensional consistency.

The fingers are bold and complex, and the hour markers possess a strong three-dimensional feel. In this way enhanced legibility. The case features a low center of the law of gravity and wide lugs, which makes it comfortable and stable to dress. The case and bracelet are made from Ever-Brilliant Steel, a materials that has the highest level of deterioration resistance in stainless steel on the planet, and this model is the very first in the Evolution 9 collection to use this material.

The 40mm case (11. 7mm thick) houses an incredible environmentally friendly dial, whose distinctive natural hue is as unique since the dial’s creation. The material’s tendency to develop a white-colored sheen complements the lively green of the dial. The actual Iwai River, which stems on the northern slope regarding Mount Kurikoma in Iwate Prefecture, has eroded massive boulders, sometimes creating road imperfections, waterfalls and ravines for approximately 2 kilometers. This produces the natural beauty of the stuff known as " Genbi Valley". Its impressive scenery continues to be praised for its designation like a Japanese scenic spot, which beauty is reproduced within the molded pattern and light environment friendly color of the high quality replica watches dial. Its expression continuously changes with the angle in the light, leaving a brilliant and pleasant impression.

Turning the watch more than reveals the automatic quality and reliability 9SA5, a ten-beat motion that can run for eighty hours when fully injury. The movement has a magnet resistance of up to 4, eight hundred A/m and a daily change of +8 to -1 seconds per day. Grand Seiko is renowned for its exceptional workmanship, especially in the finishing of the movements. The brand's artisans carefully polish each element by hand, ensuring a level involving precision and detail which sets Grand Seiko aside in the industry. The movement is actually decorated with complex designs such as stripes and gem patterns, adding a touch of beauty to the overall design. Every movement is not only expertly machined, but also carefully adjusted to make sure optimal performance and precision. This commitment to visual and functional excellence confirms Grand Seiko’s reputation as being a premium watch manufacturer.

The Grand Seiko Hi-Beat " Genbi Valley" SLGH021 fits true to dimension on the wrist and dons beautifully. Wearing a Grand Seiko watch symbolizes a heavy appreciation for craftsmanship, accuracy, attention to detail and really like of Japanese nature : values that are deeply inbedded in Japanese culture.

A glance at the switch reveals the harmonious blend of traditional Japanese appearance and innovative technology, encapsulating the essence of the Land on the Rising Sun. A Grand Seiko on the wrist is a tip of Japan’s rich horological heritage and its unwavering commitment to excellence.


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