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Baby Panda 39;s Supermarket

Mommy Panda makes a shopping list for this hot summer vacation that need to buy in the supermarket: ice-cold drinks, watermelon, birthday cake, funny toys, candies, fishes and more! Go and help Baby Panda take a shopping car and go to the supermarket to find products that Mommy Panda added to his shopping list!

baby panda 39;s supermarket


Baby Panda's SupermarketInformation on Google PlayDescriptionShop at the supermarket with your shopping list now!Latest UpdateMarch 31, 2023LaunchFebruary 19, 2016Downloads+100 millionBaby Panda's Supermarket is a mobile app created by BabyBus on February 19, 2016, along with the 2019 game Baby Panda World: Kids Games, it's one of the most downloaded BabyBus app in Google Play, with over a hundred million downloads.

As the title says, it's centered in a supermarket, Kiki or Miumiu and their parents go shopping, and you need to grab the items in the shopping list, after doing that, you need to go to the cashier, and you finally buy the items, and, if possible, you can get a ticket for a vending machine and get toys.

A WIDE VARIETY OF GOODSThe supermarket has a wide variety of goods, including over 150 kinds of goods such as snacks, drinks, canned goods, children's clothing, cosmetics, toys and home appliances. You can buy almost anything you want here! Look carefully, on which shelf are the items you want to buy?

BUY WHAT YOU NEEDGo to the supermarket and shop for Easter! In the Easter section, you can find garlands, bunny toys and more! Let's paint a creative egg and put it in your shopping cart! Remember to check your shopping list to make sure you've bought everything you need!

SUPERMARKET EVENTSIf you like to cook food, then don't miss out on the supermarket's DIY activities! You can cook any popular gourmet food you like, such as bunny cupcakes, chicken burgers, cream toast and egg tarts. When you're done shopping, you can also join the supermarket's lottery event. Put coins into the gashapon machine and see what you will get.

SHOPPING RULESWhile shopping in the supermarket, you may also encounter bad behavior such as climbing shelves, running around with carts and jumping the queue. Through the vivid scene interpretation and correct guidance, you will learn the shopping rules in the supermarket, stay out of danger, and shop in a civilized way!

Baby Panda's Supermarket is another title from BabyBus in which, like all the games in this series, you'll help a panda as he goes about his day. This time, you'll follow the panda as he goes to the supermarket with his mom and buys groceries.

In Baby Panda's Supermarket, you can browse through all the aisles of the supermarket and check items off your shopping list as you find them. And there's all kinds of things to buy in this huge supermarket: vegetables and produce, cakes for special occasions, toys, and all kinds of other items! The goal is to check what's on the shopping list, find the right aisle, and help the panda find the item. For example, you might have to go to the produce section, collect the right number of an item on your list, weight them, print the bar code and price, place the product in the bag, and finally put them in your shopping cart.