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We Buy Printers Near Me


We Buy Printers Near Me

Selling your used copier or printer? Midwest Copier Exchange buys all major brands of copiers and printers including Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Sharp, Toshiba, Kyocera, Canon, HP, Kip, Lexmark, and Xerox. Our price quotes always include the transportation costs from your office to ours. Our dedicated team of buyers will quickly respond to any inquiries, large or small.

Best Buy's payment turnaround time is slower than other services, but the company accepts a wider variety of gadgets -- matching nearly every type of electronic device it sells, including various laptop options, smartphone options, wearables, digital camera options, and video game consoles. You can trade in your gaming system, video games, and an iPhone or iPad at the same time, for example.

Recycling your printer can be as easy as dropping it off at a local big box store. Some businesses may even offer a pickup service for your old technology. However, if there are no stores taking printers near you, you will have to look for other options. E-waste recycling centers can be found in most cities and are a great way to ensure that you can safely disposed of your electronics.

When there is absolutely nowhere near you to recycle your printer, the final option you could try is to call your printer's manufacturer directly. Many device manufacturers offer recycling services. Larger companies might even have a buy-back or upgrade program available.

Selling your printer can help you recoup some of your investment from an old machine. Unfortunately, the need for printers is not what it used to be, so you first should determine if your printer is worth anything before trying to sell it. Features like wireless printing or multifunction machines with scanners or fax capabilities tend to be more valuable. If your device has one of these features, selling it should not be an issue. Research what your specific printer is selling for on the aftermarket to help determine if it is worth it to you to try and sell it.

A printer's image quality is measured in dots per inch (DPI). While not the same as screen resolution, this specification can look similar. Written as two numbers like 2400 x 1200, a printer's DPI indicates the expected quality of printed images. The minimum standard for black and white is 600 x 600. Higher resolutions like 2400 x 1200 can produce high-quality black and white images. When discussing color printers, there is a need for greater DPI in order to utilize the full spectrum of color. High-end color printers feature DPI as high as 4800 x 2400 for premium quality prints.

Our helpful staff can help you identify the best copiers, printers, scanners, and other office equipment for your office whether you're in Atlanta, Marietta or elsewhere here in the greater Atlanta metro area. Our staff is ready to help medium to large offices such as law firms, accounting firms, architecture agencies and more. Our helpful printer and copier experts work out of our Marietta office, and are ready to come visit you to analyze your office copier needs. Contact us today for a free analysis and estimate of your needs!The choice of copiers, printers, and scanners is an essential one for your business. Should you lease or buy? Should you use HP printers, Sharp printers, Canon copiers or others? And what about toner? How do you minimize your toner expenses?

Our customers come first. Our mission is not to sell you on "just" copier or printer sales, service, and repairs here in the greater Atlanta area. Our mission is to find the best copiers, printers, and office equipment for your business. We even offer HP-compatible toner at incredible rates.

Is your item badly damaged? Some locations may reject items (like old TVs with broken cathode ray tubes) that are a health and safety hazard. Call ahead to ask.Computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and printers are not included in the E-Cycle WA program. Call 1-800-RECYCLE or search the database for items not


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